Accidently bought sliced short ribs for braising instead of English Cut. Can I still braise?

I absentmindedly bought 10lbs of short ribs for Christmas Eve dinner that I did not realize were sliced and not thicker English Cut. My plan was to do a red wine braise. Can I still proceed with this plan and maybe adjust the cooking time to salvage this? As delicious and awesome as Korean Kalbi is, it's not what I was planning to serve for Christmas Eve dinner.

  • Posted by: JLuskie
  • December 15, 2022


Nancy December 16, 2022
Jluskie - haven't done this substitution of one cut for the other, but here is some more information on the differences in cooking n English cut beef ribs and short ribs (from a reliable source)
Lori T. December 15, 2022

Can attest to the recipe, even if it's not from here. I made a similar mistake myself.
JLuskie December 15, 2022
Thank you Lori! I This is exactly what I was looking for. Did you adjust your cooking time at all for sliced short ribs or did you just go with the recipe ?
JLuskie December 15, 2022
Maybe I'll adjust and use this recipe from Tom Colicchio. It calls for flaken-style short ribs.
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