Sweet potato hash with pork and kale

My daughter is making a sweet potato hash with kale and pork for Christmas and I need suggestions for sides to go with it?

  • Posted by: Frazierp
  • December 20, 2022


Bilibo December 26, 2022
Sounds like a pretty wholesome meal to me. It can certainly be served on its own. But if you want to pair it with something, you can look into mulled wine or other drinks you have in your household.
Or you can pair it with sour dough slices, any other bread available for you is fine too.
Also, you can make a simple tomato sauce pasta topped with cheese if you prefer a hearty meal.
Nancy December 20, 2022
So, you want Christmas dinner ideas, which our first suggestions didn’t give you.
I hope others here will come up with some more ideas, more in that direction.
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