Any advice for grilling artichoke?



easknh May 1, 2011
Cut off the tops of the artichokes and the pointy tips of the leaves. Take a big bowl, fill with water. Take several lemons; cut each in half across the round middle, cut each half into quarters and squeeze the juice into the bowl. Cut each artichoke into quarters and place in the bowl of water. Clean out the chokes from each quarter and replace the pieces in the bowl as you work on the rest. Take a big piece of heavy duty foil and place the artichoke quarter (still dripping with the water) and the lemon pieces on the foil along with some garlic cloves. Drizzle with olive oil and fold the foil into a packet, Grill for about 30 minutes over medium heat. The artichokes will both steam and grill. Yummy!
Merrill S. May 1, 2011
If you're using full-sized artichokes, you'll want to boil or steam them first; drain them well, and then halve or quarter them and brush with oil/flavorings before grilling.
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