Substitution for nut-free version?

Hello - for those of us with allergies to nuts, have you ever made these nut-free? I'm wondering if sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds would do the trick?

Carolyn Dooling
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1 Comment

Nancy December 25, 2022
Haven't done the substitution, but using sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds for 1 3/4c nuts (the amount in this recipe) will probably change both the taste and the texture of the cookies.
If you like that, go with it.
If not, and you still like the idea of Italian fig cookies, maybe use another recipe that has a smaller percentage of nuts in the filling and either just omit them or replace with the seeds.
This recipe (Cucidati) uses only 1/3c almonds in the filling.
Good luck either way and please let us know what you chose and how it works out.
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