kobenstyle dinnerware line severely limited compared to original dansk line

the original dansk variety in color and use was much more functional and fun than this limited series. the only bowl is so shallow it isn’t very versatile. serving bowls of various sizes are needed, and small salt cellars, condiment pots which are never in stock, and the teapot, etc. i trust you will be rolling out a greater variety of dishes within this series. if not, it’s disappointing the original in all it’s iterations is no longer available, and all a person can get these days is the limited series from food 52. please expand the line!

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1 Comment

karenann February 25, 2023
will the kobenstyle line be expanded to include more pieces like the teapot and tall bowls (from the original line)? the shallow bowls are not great for soup. please let me know! thank you.
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