Flour options. Ap? Cake flour?

Can just AP flour be used? Semolina flour isn't an ingredient I normally use in my baking.

Genovesi Cookies
Recipe question for: Genovesi Cookies


702551 January 10, 2023
You can use AP flour instead of a combination of semolina (hard durum) and AP flour although the texture will likely change subtly. There are other recipes for genovesi cookies online that just use AP.

Using spelt or quinoa flour as substitutes doesn't make much sense unless you use those ingredients regularly in your cooking already. They're more obscure than hard durum semolina flour and probably more expensive.

If you prefer to work from a recipe that has been tested for 100% AP flour (rather than modifying this recipe), enlist an Internet search engine to locate these recipes. I've only tried the more traditional semolina/AP recipes so I have no specific recommendations.

There are various renditions of this cookie; this one here at Food52 has a very high amount of sugar in the dough. I would look elsewhere because I think most American desserts are way too sugary however I know I'm in the minority here.

Anyhow best of luck.
Miss_Karen January 10, 2023
Thank you! I agree that it's not practical to buy (any) ingredients if only a small amount is used one time. Semolina is available- but that isn't the point. I also agree that most American desserts can be quite sweet. (Sometimes)
Nancy January 10, 2023
Yes, a-p, spelt or quinoa flour as a replacement of semolina in making cookies.
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