Will brown butter work in the recipe?

I'm a fiend for brown butter--its a New Orleans staple--would the recipe change if I browned the butter, chilled and then use as per recipe? I prefer turbinado sugar as well--any changes using that?

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Glazed Cranberry Milk Buns
Recipe question for: Glazed Cranberry Milk Buns

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Zola G. January 12, 2023
It could theoretically be added to the dough or during assembly, when the dough is brushed with butter-- but I don't it would make a huge difference to the flavor of the buns. The amount of butter is relatively small and I think the cranberries would overshadow any of the nuance of brown butter flavor.

If you want to incorporate brown butter into this recipes, I would recommend a brown butter cream cheese frosting.


Try the frosting from this cinnamon roll recipe but use solid room temperature brown butter in place of regular butter.
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