Pork and Shrimp Substitutes for Wontons

I observe the Jewish Kosher traditions, and so I don't eat pork or shellfish (such as shrimp). I often substitute chicken or turkey for pork, in this case duck or lean beef could maybe work too.
Do you have suggestions on substitutions for the pork and shrimp in both the northern and southern wonton recipes?

Marc Lieber
Northern Wontons
Recipe question for: Northern Wontons


PHIL January 14, 2023
Tuna would be great! bit pricey but your not using that much.
Lori T. January 12, 2023
You would not want to use a lean beef, but rather one of the fattier cuts- perhaps an 80/20 ground beef would work quite nicely. Duck could be luscious, but honestly for the price I would go with chicken or turkey instead. As for the shrimp replacer, I suggest you look into making your own version of vegan shrimp, or buy it. Those are made using king mushrooms, old bay, seaweed, and margarine/butter. So you could make a version of that which was pareve I believe, if you use margarine. For that matter, you could use a kosher surimi as well- and of course a kosher fish of your choice for the filler. The mixture used to make gefilte fish would also work nicely if you were up to making your own. I've had that in both pot stickers and in fried wontons, and it was actually pretty good.
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