A kind friend gave me a quart of organic home-made creme fraiche. Can some Picklers give me ideas for the best recipes to enjoy this?

  • Posted by: plevee
  • May 1, 2011


Joanne C. May 3, 2011
Whatever you do with it, save a bit of it to use as a starter for more creme fraiche - mix heavy cream with a bit of creme fraiche (abt 1/4 cup per quart) and leave out in a covered container in a warm place overnight. In the morning, stir it and if it's thickened you have new creme fraiche. If it's not thick let it sit out for a few more hours in a warm place.
plevee May 2, 2011
I made panna cotta with Tahitian beans and it was delicious. Thank you for all of your ideas.
casadelmonte May 2, 2011
Quiche loves creme fraiche
vvvanessa May 2, 2011
i might make gelato or ice cream if i had that much creme fraiche hanging around. i also love it on chili or stews.
prettyPeas May 2, 2011
I like it a lot in the many savory applications linked to with the site search, but I also enjoy one of the purest ways to appreciate its flavor--whipped creme fraiche. Just whip as you would whipping cream. You can keep it plain or add vanilla and sugar, or maple syrup. I love it with berries or some sort of fruit compote or crumble.
boulangere May 1, 2011
You're a hoot, plevee! Enjoy your bounty!
I love to use creme fraiche dolloped on a pear or apple tart.
plevee May 1, 2011
No way, she's MY friend and makes an almond cake to kill for and the best sourdough bread in Oregon.
drbabs May 1, 2011
Lucky you! There are >100 recipes on this site that use creme fraiche. Here's a link to all the editors' picks:

boulangere May 1, 2011
Can you introduce us to your friend?
nutcakes May 1, 2011
If you want to use up a good amount, try the quiche Tartine Bakery is famous for (among other things):
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