A question about a recipe: Cheese Biscuits

I have a question about step 4 on the recipe "Cheese Biscuits" from merrill. It says:

"Dip a 3-inch round cutter with sharp edges in flour and then cut the biscuits using an even downward motion, without twisting the cutter. Transfer the rounds of dough to the baking sheets, leaving an inch or two of space between them. When you’ve cut the first batch of biscuits, gently pat the dough into another rectangle and cut a few more -- discard the dough or add the funky leftover shapes to the baking sheets after the second batch is cut (if you shape the dough a third time, the biscuits will be tough)."
Can you freeze them at this step? With a small family, it would be great to make 15 and have them for 3 nights.... Cherrie

Cheese Biscuits
Recipe question for: Cheese Biscuits


ChefDaddy May 2, 2011
I make and freeze biscuits all the time with great success (for my family on the go). I started doing this due to the fact that we wanted to get away from the ready to make kind and stopping at McDonalds for breakfast sandwiches. After they are cut out I put them on a sheet pan and freeze individually and then put them in a gallon freezer bag. Works great! And, I have square and round biscuit cutters. I have found a square biscuit cutter that allows me to lay the dough on a half or full sheet pan with sheet pan extenders and cut them square and then just bake. this creates a great biscuit for sanwiches.
Amanda H. May 1, 2011
We haven't tried it but if I was going to freeze them, this is the point at which I'd do it. Good luck -- and report back!
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