Hi there How do you cook rice For 100 people on top of the cooker and keep it warm after

  • Posted by: Sharon
  • September 3, 2019


boulangere September 3, 2019
A common restaurant technique is to bake it in the oven. For 100, divide the quantity of rice (the nutrition information on the back of the package will tell you what the serving size is, then do the math) into 2 deep hotel pans. Add double the amount of water, cover the hotel pans with foil and bake until done at 375 degrees. It will take a bit longer than on a stovetop, but will ultimately be much more efficient. Sounds like an interesting job. I hope you enjoy it.
Nancy September 3, 2019
Are you the same poster who asked about beef stew for 100?
Answer depends on where you're cooking and serving.
If you have ovens, cooking small batches (For approximately 12 to 36 servings each) and hold in low ovens, covered in foil.
If no ovens, cook in advance and hold in insulated boxes.
Then warm in stovetop as needed.
Sharon September 3, 2019
Yes I did
Just started to cook for a homeless shelter so still learning
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