Is the bacon essential? Do not care for bacon.

Can bacon be replaced with sausages or, preferably, be omitted?

  • Posted by: liliana
  • February 23, 2023
Not Your Cafeteria Meatloaf
Recipe question for: Not Your Cafeteria Meatloaf


702551 February 23, 2023
This recipes contains 4.25 pounds of meat of which 1 lb. is bacon. The bacon influences the flavor heavily and also contributes a lot of fat. If you simply omit the bacon, the ratios will change significantly and a different texture should be expected.

Replacing the bacon with a mild pork sausage is probably a better alternative than full omission. Other options might be to replace the bacon with ground pork or to add another pound of ground beef and switch a less lean cut (like ground chuck) to compensate for the lost fat.

Or you could omit the bacon and hope for the best. For sure the flavor profile will bear little semblance to what the recipe author intended.

Your call. Best of luck.
Happygoin February 23, 2023
You don’t care for bacon!?? Why...why...that’s un-American!! LOL

Just kidding. I think you’re the first person I’ve ever come across who doesn’t love bacon.

Anyway, just omit it from the meatloaf. It’ll be fine.
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