how do I make those pigs in blankets like I've had at christmas, you know, sausage wrapped In bacon.

  • Posted by: @bart_7
  • November 17, 2010


leftoverquiche November 17, 2010
I like to make a 'fancier' version of pigs in a blanket. Take any flavor of precooked sausages (big ones), cut the sausages into into 3 pieces, wrap in premade cresent dough, and bake till dough is done! I usually pan cook the sausage first just to warm them up. Serve with favorite sauces. My recent favorite is ketchup mixed with seracha. Mmm.
CHeeb November 17, 2010
Hormel bulk cocktail weenies come 1-2 pound packages. They are fully cooked but taste best if quick browned in a skillet before wrapping in the thinnest bacon you can find.If you skewer the thin bacon w/toothpicks, to hold it on the weenies, it is easiest to cook the bacon under a mild broiler-375-400 degrees for a few minutes per side.The warmed weenies can be dipped in honey-mustard,ranch dressing,chili , cranberry relish,or dilly sourcream .
ginger37 November 17, 2010
What you need to do -

Buy enough chipolata's to serve 2/3 per guest
Buy enough STREAKY bacon to wrap
Half fry sausages til hardly coloured
Stretch bacon on chopping board to make bit thinner
Wrap round sausage & secure with cocktail stick
Bake in medium oven until bacon cooked
Serve & enjoy
Hope this helps !
jwolfsthal November 17, 2010
the easiest way to make these are to buy some pre-made bisquet or crescent roll and to wrap them around small sausages and then bake.
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