Bottle capacity needed to hold 8oz of vanilla and 1oz of beans?

I was going to purchase 8.5oz bottles to make vanilla extract, but it takes several beans to make up the 1oz necessary. I don't think that will all fit into a 8.5oz bottle.



Nancy May 8, 2023
Further comment, not exactly what you asked, but related.
There are many reviews out there, with some saying that pure vanilla extract is more complex and varies by origin of the beans. With others saying that imitation vanilla extract, when tested in finished baked dishes is mostly equal to or even better than pure extract (the exception, I think, was in ice cream where pure tasted better).
But also some stressed that vanilla beans steeped in liquor is an infusion and has fewer and less complex flavors than extract (whether pure or imitation).
Summary - make the vanilla bean infusion if you want or have started, but the other kinds are as good and sometimes cheaper.
Nancy April 19, 2023
If you have some pint-sized mason jars around, use one of them to steep the vanilla (for however long your recipe says).
Or even used a cleaned up jar from tomato sauce.
Then, either uf planning to give as a gift or use around the house, you can better estimate the bottle size needed and buy what you need.
By the way, uf you don’t have mason jars, they are very useful - even if you don’t do water-bath canning, I use mine for spices, smoothies, ice coffee, salad dressing, leftovers, candle holders, etc.
AcademyVillage April 19, 2023
Thank you so much! One further question if you know. When it's time to give as gifts, I'll include some beans in each bottle. I understand they need to stay submerged. Do I need to tell people to remove the bean once they use enough vanilla so that the beans are no longer submerged to avoid mold?
Nancy April 19, 2023
@AcademyVillage -

I've made vanilla extract several times over the years, and never encountered the mold problem. There's some information at the homepage of this vanilla bean merchant. And maybe someone else here will know more.

In practice, yes the (split) vanilla bean should be submerged in the liquor which made the extract. When that gets low, it's possible to top up the liquor (whatever you used or a different one) and extend the life of the extract. However, when I feel I've gotten everything out of the beans as extract, I use them one last time in other food or drink (coffee, cocoa, mulled wine, baking) - as they still have some flavor, and originally cost a pretty penny.

This is all easy to do, and the results have a more interesting, genuine flavor than most of the little bottles we buy in grocery stores. Enjoy!
AcademyVillage April 19, 2023
Again thank you so much. I am amazed and appreciative of the rapid, helpful answers.
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