What are your thoughts on making this dip in advance?

The recipe is simple enough, but I'm wondering if you make it ahead is it as good? I assume it gets better with age and should be brought to room temperature before serving? I'm prepping my menu for the long weekend on a boat. The more I can do in advance the better. I appreciate your advice.

Lovisa Williams
Last-Minute Yogurt Dip
Recipe question for: Last-Minute Yogurt Dip


Nancy May 28, 2023
@Lovisa - too late to prepare for this weekend, but a related idea maybe useful another time.

@A New Way to Dinner” cookbook published a few years ago by food52 founders Amanda and Merrill, organizes seasonal recipes in menus for a week of meals, using advance prep and some elements in more than one way.

I also find it useful for planning a weekend of meals (away at a cottage or on a boat, at home with visiting friends) when you don’t want to go or can’t go shopping.

Since the original plans are for a week of dinners (and some lunches), maybe cut some dishes or reduce quantities for a Friday night to Sunday morning excursion. Or be ready to bring home some leftovers for an easy start of the week.
Nicole D. May 25, 2023
Hi Lovisa! My two cents: I would make the oil in advance, refrigerate and then bring to room temp, and then pour over the yogurt when you're ready to serve it. Let us know what you end up doing!
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