Boneless chicken? Sake? Which is it?

Is it 2 pounds of chicken with bones or boneless? And is “rice wine” sake or mirin, or something else? I know those are Japanese ingredients but don’t know what the equivalent of rice wine is. Looks delicious, can’t wait to try this!

3-Cup Chicken With Fish Sauce
Recipe question for: 3-Cup Chicken With Fish Sauce


Jun June 13, 2023
Hello! I used bone in chicken for this, cut into pieces. It's how you'd usually see it done in Taiwan, but boneless would totally work too, and you can probably shave off a few minutes from the cook time so the chicken doesn't end up too dry!

And yup sake would work in a pinch as a sub for the Shaoxing wine.
HalfPint June 8, 2023
Chicken: I would use boneless. It's easier.

Rice wine: I suggest sake because mirin would be too sweet. For another equivalent rice wine, there's Chinese shaoxing wine. Or a dry sherry.

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