Thank you all for KitchenAid mixer answers!

I have given them all to the Spouse for direction on the Mother's Day gift and am trusting him to rely on your expert advice!!!

  • Posted by: wssmom
  • May 3, 2011


ChefJune May 4, 2011
Yes, do post a photo of your Mother's Day gift!
Sadassa_Ulna May 4, 2011
I LOVE those decals! wssmom, please let us know what the final result is!

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Sam1148 May 3, 2011
Gave them to the Spouse?

He's SO going to the flame or fighter plane decals I posted.

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boulangere May 3, 2011
So THAT'S where you were going!
Amanda H. May 3, 2011
The Foodpickle collective says, "You're welcome!"
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