Hi ! This recipe sounds soo interesting! But I live in Asia where it is hot and humid, so I’m a bit wary of using raw eggs -any suggestions for a sub.



HalfPint June 15, 2023
Hi, @Marghi2002

This type of pie (or any food with raw eggs) should be kept chilled until serving time. You should not leave this type of food at room temperature for longer than serving time.

You can pasteurize eggs at home: https://www.finedininglovers.com/article/how-to-pasteurize-eggs

For this recipe, you can't assume that using the equal amount of a substitute (like silken tofu) and expect the same results or same cooking method. There are chocolate silk pie recipes that do not use raw eggs. I would search for those recipes. No need to reinvent the wheel if you don't have to :)
Nancy June 15, 2023
Marghi2002 - recipe sounds wonderful!
There are two possibilities
* at the end of the headnote, the Lindsay-Jean (the recipe author) suggests using pasteurized eggs if (for any reason) you are uneasy about using the raw ones;
* from my (many) vegetarian years, I learned that soft tofu provides a valuable replacement for eggs in cakes and various dessert recipes. It whips up beautifully, provides similar rising qualities to eggs and, of course, similar protein levels.
Enjoy the pie!
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