I have made this many times, and I love it. But, I just discovered that I have no rice!

What do you think of using couscous instead? I would cook it with homemade chicken stock, just like I do the rice.

Grape Leaves with Rice Pilaf
Recipe question for: Grape Leaves with Rice Pilaf


Nancy June 18, 2023
Dickens the Dog -
Yes, i think COUSCOUS would work and so do others (e.g., recipes out there like the one in this link).
FYI in making your own stand-by recipe, the ratios of dry couscous to replace dry rice are 1 1/4c dry couscous to 1c rice (volume) or 300 ml couscous to 250 ml rice (weight).
Couscous also cooks faster than rice.
On BULGUR - yes. Volume ratio to replace rice is 1:1. This takes longer to cook.
dickensthedog June 18, 2023
Thank you Nancy!!
Nancy June 18, 2023
Sorry, I meant grams in the couscous to rice ratio. Numbers are the same: 300 to 250.
dickensthedog June 17, 2023
I was just thinking - perhaps I could use bulgur too
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