Refreezing chicken stock

Just defrosted and warmed up some homemade chicken stock. I don't need it all for my recipe. Can the restgo back in the freezer or would that make it unsafe?



CanadaDan March 23, 2016
great suggestions all around...thanks guys
LeBec F. March 23, 2016
if your freezer space is at a premium, consider cooking down your stock. I use this method:
ChefJune March 23, 2016
I wouldn't refreeze without bringing the remainder to a boil. But I worked in commercial kitchens, where your techniques would not fly with the health department.

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Kristen W. March 23, 2016
That's a lot more refined than my method. I freeze it in ziplock bags and then whack it on the counter until a chunk that seems big enough breaks off.
Susan W. March 23, 2016
Oh yes...I often do a combo warm water rinse with a counter whack to get the job done.
Susan W. March 22, 2016
Yep. I do it often. I have a weird little system now though. I keep my stock in freezer bags. When I need some, I run warm water over the bag. I pour off what I need as it defrosts. Then I toss the still mostly frozen amount back in the freezer. Works great.
CanadaDan March 22, 2016
Weird? Or ingenious?...
Susan W. March 22, 2016
Lol. According to my daughter, everything I do is weird.
Garlic F. March 22, 2016
It's fine to refreeze
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