Can anyone think of a good combination of nutella and banana bread? As a frosting? Or just mixed in?



Bevi May 6, 2011
Thin the Nutella with a little cream as melissav suggests, dip some dried banana chips in the Nutella cream, and cover the torte that ChefJune describes with a thin layer of Nutella and press the dipped banana chips all over the torte.
ChefJune May 5, 2011
Seems like the Nutella would be wonderful spread on the banana bread AS the frosting.

Or you could slice the banana bread horizontally, and lightly toast the slices. Then, starting with the bottom slice, spread each slice with Nutella, and stack the slices up, reforming the loaf of bread. Now, slice the loaf the traditional way and you will have a Banana Bread/Nutella Torte of sorts.
jenmmcd May 5, 2011
It's also delish if you toast/crisp/fry the slices in a skillet with butter. :-) You know.... just for fun. I did this awhile back with a pound cake, spread nutella on top and added another fried piece of pound cake on top and cut into pieces. It was amazing and gone in a second.
amysarah May 4, 2011
When my children were growing up, I was forever making banana bread (over ripe bananas magically appeared weekly on my counter.) A favorite breakfast was toasted banana bread, spread with Nutella, as prettyPeas mentioned.

Nutella spread on any kind of toast, with sliced bananas, was another regular. I think it's safe to say Nutella and bananas love each other.
prettyPeas May 4, 2011
I love toasted banana bread, so I envision the nutella as a toast spread.
beyondcelery May 4, 2011
Try swirling it into the batter after you've put it into the loaf pan. You'll get a marbled sort of look when it bakes. (I did this once and it was delicious!) Top the batter with chopped hazelnuts and a sprinkling of nutmeg for some added fanciness.
melissav May 4, 2011
I wonder if you whisked nutella into warm cream, if it would dissolve and make a nutella cream. Might be worth an experiment. If it works, you could place the warm banana bread on a rack above a cookie sheet, poke lots of holes with skewer, and pour the nutella cream on top like a glaze.
louie734 May 4, 2011
A ribbonlike layer baked between the bottom and top half of the batter?? Or -- brainstorm -- bake the bread, slice horizontally across the whole loaf, and spread a nice layer in there. Mm.. can't wait to see other ideas.
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