Does my banana bread mix have to be at room temperature after being in the icebox all night?

I made banana bread mis for muffins yesterday. Put in the icebox all night. Do I need to bring it to room temp before cooking.?

  • Posted by: Sherry
  • December 24, 2020


Nancy December 24, 2020
Sherry -
What do you mean by "banana bread mix" dries? wets? all?
If either dries alone or wets alone, no you don't have to wait and you can proceed with the recipe from whatever point you interrupted & put in fridge.
If you mean the whole recipe, including b powder and/or baking soda, I'm afraid the mixture won't rise - as the chemical agents begin to work as soon as they're mixed with liquid.
Nancy December 24, 2020
PS About the chemical raising agents - if they were mixed with liquids and left overnight, they will both have begun to work and exhausted themselves.
If you want to attempt to save the mixture, and not have to throw it all out, try boosting the raising power in the batter by:
* EITHER adding the same amount of chemical agents (b powder and/or b soda), mixing and immediately putting in oven to bake.
* OR whip up an egg or two, add to batter, put in oven to bake.
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