I want to use canned beans instead of dried. What should I do amount the amount of water and the cookimg time??

I can’t get good, fresh dried beans here in Japan. Often no matter how long I leave them in water to plump, they often have hard centers after cooking.

I want to use canned beans for both the cannelloni beans and the chickpeas. I can get good Italian canned beans here in Japan.

My question is should I use less water?? The recipe calls 6 cups. If so, how much should I use?

Also, I assume the cooking time would be reduced by an hour (I guess) as the beans are already cooked??

Minestrone Soup
Recipe question for: Minestrone Soup


Takanori S. April 29, 2024
Try soaking the beans over night then cooking for one hour in the rice cooker on the normal setting. You will have the best soft and tasty beans.
Nancy August 18, 2023
Pamela -
For quantity, use a total of about 2cups drained canned beans (more or less, doesn’t have to a perfect measure).
You could use all one flavor of bean, or both - if you have use for any leftovers you might have.
Reduce the 6 cups water to 3 or 4 cups total.
Cook soup half to one hour total…. Taste at the midpoint and see what you think of the texture. Continue if needed.
Go easy on the added salt as the canned beans will likely have their own.
Enjoy the minestrone!
Pamela_in_Tokyo August 18, 2023
Thank you so much! I’ve ordered the beans and I will make this soup as soon as I get them. I appreciate you help so much.
Nancy August 18, 2023
One more thought on the total cook time for the soup:

The hour time can give you better taste but softer vegetables.
Decide as you cook and taste where the trade-off is for you.
Or do half-batches at different lengths if time and see which you and your house prefer.
Pamela_in_Tokyo August 18, 2023
That’s a good point. I suppose veggie size would be important too.
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