Order from last week never shipped. Customer service not responsive

I placed an order since last week and estimated delivery date was exactly a week ago. They sent me the tracking last weekend and it never even updated. One of the agents asked if I would like to get a refund instead in which I answered yes last night and they never responded back to me. Anyone ever had this experience with Food 52 where order never ships?

Ryan Palacios


Marlene November 7, 2023
I'm going through the same thing right now with them. Did your issue ever get resolved? If so, would appreciate if you would what happened so I might know what to expect. Thanks.
Customer-Care-Michelle November 8, 2023
Hi Marlene, thanks for reaching out to [email protected]! I see one of our agents has been assisting you with this order which has an estimated arrival date of 11/9. Please let us know if you need further assistance!
Customer-Care-Michelle August 24, 2023
Hi there! Sorry to hear the transit time on your order is a bit longer than expected. I can see a member of our Care Team has reached out with an update!
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