Recipe Needed -- Veggie Burger

Vegetarian boyfriend visiting. Badly need a veggie burger recipe (think Boca Burger - like.) Have Beef-ish Bits from Harmony House, brown rice, whole wheat bulgur, various flours, and Worcestershire sauce. Something that cheese (vegetarian rennet-based, of course!), tomatoes, avocado and/or sauteed onions and mushrooms would work well with. Help please!



susan G. May 12, 2011
It's 10 years since I was in Israel, but at that time there was a frozen patty based on spinach that was really tasty. Also, search for an Israeli vegetarian blog that might have locally appropriate suggestions. is good for simple home cooked recipes. Another thought -- falafel flattened... no, too close to home. Really, the boca burger model would be hard to duplicate!
Melusine May 12, 2011
Thank you both -- no boca burgers in Jerusalem, and a local bean/grain and tofu versions of veggie burgers were...less than stellar.
betteirene May 11, 2011
Go to and download the free burgers and fries edition of the magazine.
vvvanessa May 11, 2011
i would think that it would be really hard to replicate the texture of boca burgers because they are so highly processed, but if you want to go that route (as opposed to a bean and grain burger, say, or just buying an actual boca burger), i would definitely start with the beefish bits since they are made from tvp which is more or less the base for boca burgers. if you google "tvp burger recipes" you'll find options. to tap into the flavor of boca burgers, i might try a drop or two of liquid smoke to achieve that "grilled" flavor the original ones have. and just a reminder that worcestershire sauce generally contains anchovy so it isn't vegetarian.
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