Want to make 2 loaves, one for meat lovers and one for vegetarians. What recommendations do you have for the meatless loaf?

  • Posted by: SKK
  • May 11, 2011


SKK May 12, 2011
Thank you all!
boulangere May 11, 2011
I think you'll be okay, SKK. Let the texture and feel of the dough be your guide. If you up the veg components, you may need to add a few tablespoons of flour. This seems a very forgiving formula.
vvvanessa May 11, 2011
you could go kind of sicilian on it and add pinenuts and currants or raisins, which could work by themselves or with spinach. you shouldn't need to change any measurements if you aren't using meat, though if you do use spinach, i would be sure it is well cooked and very, very drained/dried/squeezed out before using it.
TiggyBee May 11, 2011
Yes!! Ramps (if you can find them) or some other onion-y flavor would be fantastic with the cheese!
boulangere May 11, 2011
Olives sound great. Given the season, not to mention the current contest, maybe some tender young ramps for color and flavor.
TiggyBee May 11, 2011
Hi SKK, the bread is delicious plain as well. I've even made it with olives and it's turned out great! If you do add spinach, I would just be careful about moisture content. I'm by no means a bread expert, but I think the flour to water ratio is important to the process. Hope this helps and I hope you'll love the bread too!
SKK May 11, 2011
Thanks, Drbabs. My question also is will I have to change measurments if I don't add meat?
drbabs May 11, 2011
I think sauteed spinach would be great.
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