What to cook for a couple in need when one is a vegetarian and one loves meat?

My neighbor recently had back surgery and I want to take him and his wife a meal, but she's vegetarian and he's a full-on Texan meat-eater! What should I make?

Kelsey Burrow


Emma L. August 8, 2019
Hi! I would make something hearty enough that a meat-eater wouldn't miss the meat. Maybe mac and cheese or eggplant Parmesan? And then a salad alongside.
Taylor S. August 8, 2019
I have one vegan friend in a closeknit friend group, so alot of out meals need to be both meat AND vegan friendly, this one's our go-to:https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/stuffed-eggplant-with-crispy-beef
If you leave off the meat its totally vegan, or you can top it with lots of beef if you love meat :)
Kristen W. August 8, 2019
One idea that comes to mind is this salad:https://smittenkitchen.com/2014/01/warm-lentil-and-potato-salad/

You can cook a couple of sausages on the side for him - sausage goes beautifully with the salad - or slice the meat but leave it on the side so he can add it to his portion of the salad.

Or you can make the pasta dish if your choice, and cube and sauté some chicken breast separately so that he can add it to his portion alone.

Or, black bean and poblano tacos with guac, cheese, and pickled onions, and sauté up some chorizo on the side for him.

I sometimes do this kind of thing for my husband, who likes to eat more meat than I do, and it works well.

Anyway, you are a very kind neighbor - I’ve had back surgery myself and I would have been thrilled to have a thoughtful neighbor bring me food while I was recovering!
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