what to do with silver whiskey?

my boyfriend and i picked up a bottle of silver whiskey (made from oats). we usually drink whiskey, but we aren't in love with this one...any ideas of good mixed drinks that it might work in?

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boulangere May 13, 2011
Or use it in a bread pudding. I usually use bourbon in this one, , but I've also used brandy, and I don't see why whiskey wouldn't be interesting.

lorigoldsby May 13, 2011
How about a fozen whisky slush? since we went from winter (seriously pulled my winter coat out of the car on Monday...and it's been 90 yesterday and whatever today is, it's summer before the solstice! Freeze your favorite lemonade or lemonade/tea and add 1 part whisky to 3-4 parts lemonade or tea.

Other good uses for a non-favorite bottle would be a whisky sauce for bread pudding or a whisky sauce for a steak (and set it on fire!)
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