Is soy good for you

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SKK May 14, 2011
Soybeans are healthy, the issue one wants to be educated about is GMO (Genetically Modified) . The US produces 85% GMO soybeans, and Argentina 98% GMO soybeans.
I agree with susang - buy organic soy, not GM.
susan G. May 14, 2011
Soy is a valuable food. Ancient Chinese recognized this, and called it "meat without bones." Problems arise if the soybeans are not cooked fully or fermented, and it should be eaten in moderation. As with most things, too much of a good thing is not good! A new problem is that vast amounts of GMO soy (genetically modified) are being grown -- buy organic soy !
Panfusine May 14, 2011
Soybeans contain a large amount of Lysine, an essential amino acid that the human body (actually most vertebrates) cannot produce on its own. Lysine is crucial for the production of collagen & elastin that are part of the cartilage & skin. Assuming that the other proteins in Soy do not elicit an allergic reaction to its consumption, the simple answer is YES.. not only good for you but may even provide a vital component required for survival, particularly for those practicing a vegan diet
boulangere May 14, 2011
Yes, as long as one is not allergic to it in any form
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