If a recipe calls for sweet rice flour, can I substitute for rice flour with sugar added?

What is sweet rice flour?



susan G. May 19, 2011
Yes, for a mochi recipe you should only use a true 'sweet rice flour.' You'll probably have to go to an Asian market to find it, and that's how it's labeled. It's very inexpensive.
Lately it has been showing up in recipes for gluten-free baking, to take advantage of the 'sticky' characteristic. It's called 'glutinous' rice, but that does not refer to the gluten proteins to be avoided by celiacs and others -- it's glutinous in the sense of gooey.
beyondcelery May 19, 2011
I often use sweet rice flour in conjunction with regular rice flours or other gluten-free flours in my gluten-free baking. Its stickiness, when moderated with other flours, helps to hold things together without any needed gluten. See this recipe for Coconut Macaroons:
Marnely May 19, 2011
Thanks everyone for all your answers! Here is the link: http://www.lafujimama.com/2011/05/baked-lemon-honey-creme-mochi-mochi-donuts/
lorigoldsby May 19, 2011
Can somebody link a recipe that calls for the sweet rice flour? Id be interested in reading a good recipe.
boulangere May 19, 2011
Thank you Anitalectric and Marnely. Good question, great answer.

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Anitalectric May 19, 2011
No, unfortunately regular rice flour is something completely different and you will not get the same results, even if you add sweetener. Sweet rice flour is glutinous rice flour and it yields a more jello-like squishy consistency (like in mochi) whereas regular rice flour is used in conventional baking and yields a completely different consistency, like for bread or cake.
Greenstuff May 19, 2011
Sweet rice flour is the same as sticky rice flour. It's not rice with sugar added. But it's possible that what you're thinking of as just "rice flour" is actually the same thing. What else is on the label?
wallyeats May 19, 2011
I believe sweet rice flour is glutinous rice flour, which doesn't have sweetener added.
boulangere May 19, 2011
Good question. Read the contents label. I've never heard of sweet rice flour, but if it were rice flower with some sort of sweetener added, I would guess it would probably be called *sweetened*.
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