What would you like to see in the meat department

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Stephanie G. May 20, 2011
Organic meat, please! I realize it is a source issue, but our WFs rarely has organic options in the butcher department. "All natural" is abundant, whatever that means, grass-fed, but rarely organic.
innoabrd May 20, 2011
I'm all for goat (which I think you can often source at markets catering to immigrants) and rind-on pork!
ChefDaddy May 20, 2011
SKK-How cool is that? Seattle? Portland?
Sam1148 May 19, 2011
Duck Fat--tubs of it.

I have to order mine from http://www.hudsonvalleyfoiegras.com/foiegrasmarket.html

The stock price is good...but the shipping is a killer. Unless you boost up the order with other stuff.

Along with duck fat; good lard--not the hydrogenated stuff on the shelf that's very bad for you.
aargersi May 19, 2011
Oh I second the vote for goat!!
SKK May 19, 2011
@ChefDaddy - Re. whole hog head - saw in at uwajimaya downtown last week.
plevee May 19, 2011
Pork with the skin on. There's no point to roast pork without crackling!
usuba D. May 19, 2011
Pork briskets and flank steaks.
takeanonion May 19, 2011
lamb ribs
ChefDaddy May 19, 2011
Veal, foie gras ( I don't care what your opinion is on this subject), whole hog cheeks and or head, venison liver and venison in general and a more readily available whole hog or whole lamb (although I do get these direct from the farmers).
Tony S. May 19, 2011
Pork belly, quail, rabbit, beef cheeks, lamb tenderloin, blue foot chicken (impossible, I know but you asked what I would like to see)
jenmmcd May 19, 2011
Pork belly. My Whole Foods doesn't have it. They told me "sometimes" they have it in the frozen section.
ChefJune May 19, 2011
WedgeMom: best place to get "real" veal is an Italian butcher. If you can find one!

whole foods sells what they call veal, but as Julia Child used to say, it's really "baby beef." Real veal has only consumed mother's milk. If veal is any shade darker than palest pink, it's eaten other food than milk.
WedgeMom May 19, 2011
I say this with trepidation but...... veal.
prettyPeas May 19, 2011
I am lucky enough to have several places around me where I can get local and humanely raised meat. So I look for that, which is rare in standard supermarkets. However another issue is that grocery stores seem to me to cater to the grilled chicken breast crowd, which is probably the majority of people. I just wish I could find more cuts that are good for long, slow cooking--bone-in pork shoulder, full brisket with the fat cap still on, pork, lamb, or beef cheeks, tongue. Or, as many have mentioned, whole fresh duck. Sure, it might be difficult to get a steady supply, but that makes it just the kind of rare treat those who are really into food and shop to see what looks good at the market will buy.
boulangere May 19, 2011
It looks like there's plenty of interest out there in meats and cuts we haven't seen in some time. Perhaps shoppers need to be more insistent about greater availability. That said, think about finding a really good butcher shop and becoming a loyal patron.
Helen's A. May 19, 2011
Goat & rabbit
ChefJune May 19, 2011
At Whole Foods, which is the only "market" where I buy meat (usually directly from the farmers), I would like to see more cuts with the bones in. bones add untold amounts of flavor to the finished product. I get tired of being told they can't sell steaks or short ribs with the bones in!

Shoppers need to get educated!
innoabrd May 19, 2011
Top quality meat: grass-fed beef that has been properly hung, rare-breed pork, etc. Love the idea of game, but isn't it illegal to sell wild game in the US? Has to be farm-raised, if I recall correctly.
meganvt01 May 19, 2011
Fresh duck definitely. Ostrich and venison.
melissav May 19, 2011
berkshire pork. duck, fresh not frozen, whole and in parts. More local meat.
aargersi May 19, 2011
More ducks! A variety of game birds. Beef cheeks. Lamb tenderloins. Thick cut oxtails.
jwolfsthal May 19, 2011
tri tip is THE most underappreciated cut of meat I know, and it regularly unavailable at major reputable butchers. It should not be expensive or go the way of flank steak which is obscenely expensive.
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