how long to capers last in the fridge? i have a bottle with no expiration date and i have no idea how long i've had them



CatinHiding January 26, 2020
I had Capers for a few years on my shelf & locked in Storage for 2 years in the heat of FL. They were still sealed but looked like they had fuzzy hair or mold growing on them so pitched them & got new. I love Celery & Cream Cheese Logs topped with Capers so will make today.
durun99 September 8, 2011
Marcella Hazan says they last "indefinitely" in the fridge.
ChefJune September 7, 2011
Capers are forever! I always have several containers on hand. large ones, small ones. just love them. Great with lemon juice over grilled white fish of any ilk.
sarah K. May 22, 2011
I'm pretty sure capers have a fridge-life of a thousand years. Didn't they find some capers in one of the Egyptian tombs? I bought one of those mammoth Costco bottles once (4 years ago?) and still have 3/4 of it. But they still taste like capers. I sometimes remember them, and churn out a puttanesca sauce, or toss them into tuna salad.
Karen D. June 20, 2015
Thank you for the idea of capers in tuna salad!
T.T. May 21, 2011
I too have some capers that have been hanging in the fridge for a while. They owe their longevity to the fact that I am the only person in the house who likes them. They are a difficult ingredient to sneak into a meal undetected.
Greenstuff May 21, 2011
The funny thing is that all of us with aged capers are likely to have them and think how much we like capers! Odd that we let them get old.
boulangere May 20, 2011
I suspect many of us have some well-aged capers still alive and well.
sdebrango May 20, 2011
Great question and I was wondering the same thing, have a bottle capers probably 2 years old in my fridge, was wondering whether to uae or throw out. Thanks Boulangere now I know I can keep them.
boulangere May 20, 2011
And speaking of thinking of ways to incorporate capers, mull over this week's aioli contest. Great home for some of your capers.
boulangere May 20, 2011
I'm hoping that kind of forever is the right answer. Generally, if something doesn't have an expiration date (and if you start paying attention, it's somewhat scary some of the foods that don't), well, it doesn't expire. As for capers, they're packed in a strongly acidic brine which, as long as they're refrigerated, protects them against spoilage. If nothing else, be brave and taste one. Also, good Costco shoppers should maybe pause for a moment and consider how soon (or not) they are likely to use something up. In the case of capers, yes, the giant size may be cheaper by the dozen, but the tiny grocery store bottle might be more realistic in terms of consumption. Alternatively, start thinking of ways to incorporate capers into more foods.
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