Experienced canners - help! I'm literally in a pickle today. Making a recipe for pickled vegetables which calls for __ lb. of this and __ lb. of that, but I get nowhere near the volume I should once I cut them as indicated by the recipe. These are going into a fairly acidic brine, and will be hot-water processed. What's more important in this case so I have something safe to eat, weight or volume? Thanks!



lastnightsdinner October 3, 2010
Great, thanks Hilarybee!
Hilarybee October 3, 2010
I agree with above- as long as the veggies are covered by the brine and processed properly, it should be OK.
lastnightsdinner October 3, 2010
Thanks, Christina! I ended up going with the full volume of cut veggies instead. We're gonna have a whole lot of giardiniera to get us through the winter :)
Christina W. October 3, 2010
Your friend is right. It's OK to have leftover brine. Just find something else to pickle!
lastnightsdinner October 3, 2010
The onions are part of it - also carrots, celery, bell peppers + cauliflower. Giardiniera! Heard back from my friend who is responsible for the recipe, and she says the brine is pretty much pure vinegar, so it should be safe. Thanks for your help!
Savorykitchen October 3, 2010
I think as long as they're covered by the brine sufficiently, the amount of your original item is less important.

Is this the onions? I think as long as your brine is safely acidic/salty, just make more or less of it to cover them completely.
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