Canning supplies? Smoking supplies? Charcuturie supplies? And lo - the 3 legged egg coddling jars..

I am a HUGE fan of the "Shop" section here in Food52, and am constantly impressed and delighted by the items offered. They've made Christmas, Birthdays, and Holidays so much easier to shop for (and for people to buy for me!!). I look forward to learning about new items and vendors when they are added on a nearly daily basis. Martine Trelaun has a gifted eye and does a fantastic job curating the collection.

That said, the absolutely gorgeous Weck canning jars in the shop starting at $27 and up, more than defeat the purpose of home canning and preserving. Given the huge community Food52 has attracted - is there any chance we could benefit from wholesale pricing on canning supplies, spices, and smoking items? And given the popularity and partnership with "Charcutepalooza" - Sausage making and curing? And wouldn't it be great if we could all buy some 3 legged egg coddling cups to make us look good?

I realize this represents a departure from the high end, artisanal products you are curating now, and if that's the answer - then I totally get it. But I bet you guys could give some smaller manufacturers some BIG leverage by offering their products to the Food52 members at prices we may not be able to get otherwise.

Burnt Offerings


wssmom May 28, 2011
Me too!
Eliana60 May 27, 2011
I'm definitely in for the egg coddlers too!
boulangere May 27, 2011
Thank you, Amanda. Many of us seem to be coveting them.
Amanda H. May 26, 2011
Thanks so much for your thoughts on this thread. As Kari mentioned, yes, the Weck jars are expensive -- wish we could help with that. We're working on our Shop and have some exciting things planned. Stay tuned. And we'll do our best to get those egg coddlers in there at a good price.
ellenl May 26, 2011
I'm in for 12 egg coddling cups for sure.
Kari J. May 26, 2011
Weck is REALLY expensive, even at wholesale. Additionally, they require very large orders. Sadly, this is why we here at whisk can't stock them - we're just a small little store!
Emily H. May 26, 2011
Weck jars are on the pricier end of jars, so if they could offer more basic jars (Ball/Kerr) with the two piece lids, that would be a much more affordable solution.
Burnt O. May 26, 2011
Maybe if I post another reply, it will jump this up in the new foodpickle algorithm and someone from food52 can comment. I posted this late at night and it got relegated to page 2 by morning.
lorigoldsby May 23, 2011
I'd take a dozen of those egg coddling cups...I have a dozen dozen ideas for them (just didn't want to say "gross")
Panfusine May 23, 2011
count me in for the proposed groupon thing.. I've been coveting those coddlers for a while!
Greenstuff May 23, 2011
How many coddling cups do you think Food52 would sell in a day?! I'm in.
SKK May 23, 2011
Count me in - I can, preserve and deyhydrate regularly.
boulangere May 23, 2011
What a lovely idea! I would be in for sure.
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