This recipe calls for green lentils... does this mean Du Puy lentils or a version of regular brown lentils tinged green? And if that's the case,...

...what's the difference between "brown" and "green" lentils

  • Posted by: capers
  • May 26, 2011
Indian Spiced Lentils
Recipe question for: Indian Spiced Lentils


capers May 29, 2011
You guys are great. Thanks for the help!
Panfusine May 29, 2011
You're absolutely right nutcakes. the term 'Indian spiced lentils' tends to invoke the default dal, since lentil Salad is not really so common in traditional Indian cuisine.
nutcakes May 29, 2011
Correct me if I am wrong, but this is described as a salad, not dal. I guess, for future reference, it would be nice if the title said so.
aussiefoodie May 29, 2011
Generally I wouldn't use French green lentils in a dahl, but guess its a matter of preference. I like dahl to get thick and 'saucy' - which the green/brown lentils will do as they break down. I usually pick French green lentils for a salad when I want it to hold its shape.
nutcakes May 27, 2011
For this recipe I'd use the French green lentils. They stay firmer and are great for salads. If you do use the 'supermarket' lentil, just don't overcook them so they won't get mushy.
Panfusine May 26, 2011
THe default is either the brown or the green lentils, Puy lentils are not usually used in Indian Dals simply because they're not available readily in India. But I've used them regularly ever since I found a steady source, and they work great, the smaller size adds a delightful texture.
Taste wise, there really isn't much of a difference between the brown and the green when it comes to Dal. They're just different varieties of lentil. The green ones tend to be yellow under the skin, while the brown ones have an orange shade (the orange dehusked masoor dal is obtained from the brown ones)
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