A question about a recipe: Fregola with Clams & Mussels

I could not find any fregola anywhere! What would you sub - orzo or Israeli couscous??

Fregola with Clams & Mussels
Recipe question for: Fregola with Clams & Mussels


fo May 28, 2011
i am convinced and converted. i will run out and get some israeli couscous at once! i was a chef at an italian restaurant, so, im a little partial, but i do love to be shown the light! so thank you everyone!
pierino May 28, 2011
I'm a founding member of the Rustichella d'Abruzzo Marching Band----they make great stuff. But I have to add that M'Hamsa couscous is pretty damn good. Similar grain to fregola. Available through Sur La Table and other sources.
fo May 28, 2011
good call aargersi! i will have to try that!
aargersi May 27, 2011
hey I used the couscous and I toasted it and it rocked!!!
fo May 27, 2011
hi guys. im the author of that recipe check it out on my blog:

in the blog, i state that using israeli couscous is not a perfect sub, but it CAN sub if you must ; ). the reason why fregola is so awesome is that its toasted semolina, so it has this amazing depth of flavor that you cant get from israeli couscous so please try to, its worth the search. i got it at whole foods. heres a link where you can get it on amazon:


its made by rustichella d'abruzzo, who make amazing pastas by the way.

let me know how it all turns out!
pierino May 27, 2011
I agree with Amanda. Fregola can be difficult to find (even though I have sacks of it here). But that would be the best substitute.
Amanda H. May 27, 2011
Israeli couscous!
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