whats the best way to tame the bitterness in dandelion greens? i want some of it, but not all



Anitalectric May 29, 2011
I chop them fine and add to salads to up the flavor. But if they were the only green in the salad it would indeed be very bitter. If you combine with other salad greens (about 1:3 ratio of dandelion to lettuce or other neutral flavored greens) and toss with other ingredients you will have a winner.

Made a beautiful one just yesterday with dandelion greens, red kale, potato, avocado, red onion, tomato and seared oyster mushrooms in sesame dressing. Wish I took a pic!
pierino May 28, 2011
Please! Bitter is part of the fun, so bring it on. But bacon lardons and bitter greens do indeed go well together. Same with mustard greens. Yum!
SKK May 28, 2011
You can wilt them using bacon fat which masks the bitterness. You can add sugar and sherry vinegar (or other vinegar) and dried fruits, like raisins and cranberries. If eating raw in a salad mix with other greens which enhances the taste of the other greens and doesn't give you the bitter of dandelion greens.
wssmom May 28, 2011
My grandmother used to serve them with a little malt vinegar and sugar ....
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