Have a fair amount of salt-cured salmon in the fridge. What can I do w/ it besides lox & bagels?



LucyS May 31, 2011
So many things! I love the above suggestions. When my parents have people over for dinner they also just put bits of smoked salmon on pumpernickel with wedges of lemon to squeeze over them - simple and delicious! Recently at a restaurant I had smoked salmon deviled eggs, which I thought was really interesting. I'm not sure how much of the egg yolk they used in the filling, but I think a bit would be great, with maybe a bit of sour cream or creme fresh, and chives. They also topped it with capers (which I probably would have left out but that's just me). The only problem was that the whole thing was wayyyy salty - you probably don't need to add any additional salt, but I'm sure you wouldn't make the same mistake!
pierino May 31, 2011
I've used it quite recently with fettucine pasta. Method: chopped shallots melted down in butter, 1 or 2 shots of vodka (don't pour from the bottle!!!). Set that on fire, add salmon, heavy cream, either a squirt or a spoon of tomato paste, fresh or frozen green peas---simmer. Cook the pasta, add to sauce with salt and pepper.
melissav May 31, 2011
I've tossed it with penne, lots of lemon zest, cream, creme fraiche, and dill and topped with salmon roe. Very good.

Also, used it to top potato pancakes with a little creme fraiche or sour cream.
RespectThePastry May 31, 2011
on top of a salad, in a sandwich, salmon croquettes, homemade sushi, chopped up with veggies etc like a chicken salad...
Greenstuff May 31, 2011
Last year in Sweden, I had it served in a big piece, just like a piece of fresh fish. It was very (very very--you don't want to cook it) slightly warmed and served with potatoes and dill cream and remarkably good.
brandon May 31, 2011
puree it with some creme friache, lemon, chives, tarragon or chervil, black pepper, and the smallest amount of garlic, then pipe it into profiteroles
aargersi May 31, 2011
Toss it in pasta with a little cream and some fresh herbs and maybe diced tomato. Or break it up into a chopped salad with a mustard vinaigrette.
Peter May 31, 2011
I find it delicious in an omelet or just mixed in some scrambled eggs. Make sure to leave the salt out though as the fish will have more than enough salt for the dish.
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