How long does chicken broth keep?

I opened a can two nights ago and put the unused portion in a plastic container in the refrigerator. Is it still good to use tonight? Thanks!

  • Posted by: dr98
  • May 31, 2011


SKK June 2, 2011 Found this web-site that gives a definitive answer.
Chef K. May 31, 2011
You can always freeze it. I make large amounts at a time and freeze them in usable portions. It can be kept this way for quite a long time.
SKK May 31, 2011
It should keep for a week in the refrigerator, but after 3 days I always boil it before using to be safe.
Greenstuff May 31, 2011
Yes. About three days is a good rule of thumb. The USDA says 3-4 days for chicken broth.
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