I hate fennel!

What are good some good substitutes?

  • Posted by: Crash
  • June 2, 2011


wssmom June 2, 2011
Is it the licorice taste you don't like?
drbabs June 2, 2011
I love fennel, too, but I've substituted thickly sliced sweet onion (like vidalia) for similar texture. (I don't like cooked celery...)
Panfusine June 2, 2011
seeds or the bulb?,
Greenstuff June 2, 2011
It's interesting to me how many people don't like fennel. Just yesterday, I got a big bag of it from some friends who were shuddering at the thought of having it in their refrigerator. Someone should look into this!

As for substitutions, I'll echo what the others have to say--for fresh fennel bulb, consider celery, which will deliver the texture without the taste. For fronds and seeds, leave them out or try a flavor you do like.
pierino June 2, 2011
I LOVE fennel, especially with any pig part. However you might try dill.
beyondcelery June 2, 2011
That depends on whether you need a substitute for fresh fennel or the seed. To replace the fresh fennel, I'll sometimes use parsley or chives. To replace the seed, I've used small amounts of cumin, kala jeera, caraway, or fenugreek. I assume that you dislike anise as well as fennel, since the flavors are both in the liquorice end of things. No matter what, replacing the fennel will change the flavor. My best advice is to consider each instance separately to decide what spice may add dimension to your dish without clashing with the other flavors. Or you could just leave it out, depending on how essential it is to the dish. I usually find fennel used in combination with other flavors, so leaving it out may be a good option for you.
nutcakes June 2, 2011
Depending on what you are making, celery. Cooked fennel is very mild.
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