A question about a recipe: Tomatillo White Beans and Shredded Pork Tacos

Any ideas for how to make this without a slow cooker?



Fairmount_market June 3, 2011
Another approach would be to braise the pork in a Ditch oven in a low heat (325 degree) oven, then puree the sauce and add the beans and continue cooking in the oven, similar to this recipe:
Fairmount_market June 3, 2011
You could certainly make this without slow cooker. Cook the pork and tomatillos on the stovetop, covered, in a large Dutch over for a couple of hours. Then remove the pork, puree the tomatillo sauce, add the dried beans and the pork, and simmer on low, covered, for a few hours until the beans are soft (the timing will depend a lot on the dryness of the beans). You will want to keep an eye on the liquid level and make sure the beans stay submerged.
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