Need parchment paper for the bottom of a cake pan and am all out! What can I use instead? It's a flourless chocolate cake, if that matters.



nutcakes June 4, 2011
gina_berthold-- that is a great tip. Foodpickler of the week worthy.

LisaCooks-- wax paper is perfectly fine if it is completely covered by batter. it wouldn't have affected the outcome. You just can't use wax paper when it is exposed, like for cookies, because it will burn
gina_berthold June 4, 2011
probably too late, but if I'm using a round cake pan I usually line it with a coffee filter. the flat bottom ones fit perfectly and the butter from the pan seeps through a bit so nothing sticks
betteirene June 4, 2011
There are three reasons to ask for paper bags at your grocery store: One is so that you can make caramel popcorn in the microwave; another is so that you have something on which to drain fried chicken or egg rolls; and the third is that paper bags are an awesome substitute for parchment. Keep a sack or two handy.
LisaCooks June 3, 2011
The result? Epic fail! Maybe because I had already greased the bottom of the pan (what I do when I use parchment) and then again on top of the wax paper? Dunno, but it came out in a million pieces. Still delicious though! Thanks everyone for your help!
I use wax paper in a situation like this as long as the wax paper will be completely covered by whatever you're baking. Good luck!
drbabs June 3, 2011
maybe too late, but I use foil when I run out of parchment. Shiny side up.
Nora June 3, 2011
My mother always used waxed paper, so do I. I'm sure it'll work for you.
LisaCooks June 3, 2011
Just used the wax paper...will report back after my run!
sdebrango June 3, 2011
When I make brownies I line my pan with aluminum foil instead of parchment I am not 100% on this but wonder if foil would be a viable alternative to parchment for your cake. I have used wax paper before with good results but have to admit it wasn't in a recipe that used a water bath. I butter the aluminum foil and it works well for brownies.
LisaCooks June 3, 2011
really? Even thought it's going in a 350 oven? In a water bath?
francesca G. June 3, 2011
You can absolutely use wax paper. Do you have that?
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