so is this weeks contest theme going to be green beans.. or serrano ham??



lorigoldsby June 3, 2011
this one is for you and gingerroot, who helped me figure out what to do with the pretty pickled lotus root. Sorry your theme idea wasn't correct.
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Panfusine June 3, 2011
nope I guess the trend is there IS no such thing as too much of a good thing.. BOOZE & Street food, can't top that!
Gathering food52 fanatics for a streetside potluck in NYC would be the next logical thing!! Any sponsors??
susan G. June 3, 2011
The logical follow up to the adult drinks would be "Your favorite liver detox" -- but I think the "Spring vegetables" theme covers that -- all those dandelion greens. Follow with my turmeric tea...
Panfusine June 3, 2011
oh well, I was wrong!! but the contest theme is something even better, STREET FOOD!! YAAY!
Angela @. June 3, 2011
I'd vote for green beans but adding summer fruits to your greens would be fun too.
lorigoldsby June 3, 2011
you may have something there
Panfusine June 3, 2011
its probably going to be your best fruit & veggie salad...
Panfusine June 3, 2011
LOL...That would be fun!! But seriously, the last two themes, aioli & fountain drinks were preceded by recipes for exactly those.. the preserved lemon aioli & the 3 seltzer dinks respectively!
lorigoldsby June 3, 2011
i think it's going to be "jello shots"! You know, they may be just so excited about trying all of the adult drink versions that it may just take a while to get back to reality (and those of us waiting breathlessly for the next contest theme!)
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