What do I do with left over peach pulp? I was making peach preserves. I have 6 cups left, with no sugar in it. Thank you in advance



calendargirl July 6, 2014
Freeze a bit of it in cube form and add to smoothies later; use some of it in unfrozen form in smoothies now. Also add to plain yogurt or ice cream.
amysarah July 6, 2014
Peach sorbet. Peach mousse - just sub in, e.g., a strawberry mousse recipe; or frozen mousse or semifreddo - if you do that, a good combo would be lining the pan/mold with crushed amaretti cookies.
PazzoNico July 6, 2014
Chutney or mostarda come to mind.
boulangere July 5, 2014
Swirl it into ice cream!
ATG117 July 5, 2014
Echo the suggestions made below. You can also use it in a banana cake in place of some of the mashed bananas, or stir it in to a crumble or pie filling. Use to make a parfait, to top yogurt or ice cream, to stir into oatmeal. Make a mockktail or just stir into sparklin water. Mae a sweet and sour sauce for chicken, or even add to a homemade BBQ sauce.
Dave O. July 5, 2014
Place in vodka, let sit for a week or 2. Impress your friends w summer cocktails.
Susan W. July 5, 2014
You could freeze it in more manageable amounts. Maybe 2 cups? Then you could make ice cream, bellinis, ice pops.
I don't care for fruit in savory foods (a flaw of mine), but I'll bet there are recipes
on this site.
Michele July 5, 2014
Thank you for your help
Meaghan F. July 5, 2014
You can freeze it in ice cube trays and use a cube or two at a time for all sorts of things: cocktails, flavoring iced tea, melted with butter for a quick peach sauce.
Michele July 5, 2014
Thank you for the info
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