What is the secret to cooking brown rice? Everytime I do, I follow the directions, and the rice is way too al dente. Please help!



babytiger June 8, 2011
I make it in the rice cooker using the same amount of liquid as jasmine rice. The brown rice comes out just fine. Comparing to white rice, brown rice does have a more of an al dente texture, even when thoroughly cooked. If you just don't care for the texture, I suggest trying brown basmati rice. It has the same fluffy texture as white basmati rice when cooked. That has been my go to rice since I discovered it recently.
susan G. June 8, 2011
Here's Sagegreen's take on rice in the oven (with quinoa, but would work with just rice). Results were excellent. Good way if the oven is already in use.
And then, the foolproof option is an electric rice cooker (subject of a number of foodpickle questions). That was my earliest success with brown rice, but I do cook it on top of the stove too -- now they all work!
jwolfsthal June 8, 2011
i never really considered myself a good cook until I leanred how to cook rice well everytime (saying that, I'll probably screw it up tonight). For White Rice, the secret is to wash at least twice. For brown rice, the secret is time. You need to steam the rice on low heat for 45 minutes and then let steam an additional 5-10 off the heat. This very simple method works if you just use the recommended amount of liquid. Oh, and if it is quick or instant brown rice, just avoid it. That is not really rice - you might as well chop up the cardboard box and gnaw on that. ;)
cookinginvictoria June 8, 2011
I think the secret to perfect rice is to add enough liquid (roughly double the amount of rice). Once the water has boiled, turn the heat way down (as low as it can go) and cook it, covered, until it is done. I start checking brown rice at about the 35 minute mark. Once all the water has been absorbed and you don't see any more bubbles, it is ready to eat!
Emily H. June 8, 2011
Nannydeb is right, the baked brown rice technique Alton Brown uses is a winner.
I just boil water in a kettle, put rice, oil and salt in a pyrex and add boiled water. Mix gently, cover, bake. Short or long grain brown rice, both come out fantastic. Make it with broth, add garlic or bay leaf or any herb you want. Or just with water, still delish.
nannydeb June 8, 2011

This is perfect every time:

Panfusine June 8, 2011
combine both chefjune & boulangere's advice, extra liquid AND Cooking time.
boulangere June 8, 2011
Also, don't be hesitant to add a little extra water or stock.
ChefJune June 8, 2011
I've always cooked it the same ways I do white rice, but instead of taking 20 minutes, it takes 45 minutes. Never had any "al dente" issues.
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