Somehow, I've ended up with a lot (over two pounds, in fact) of carnaroli rice. Other than the obvious -- risotto -- what else do you recommend that I use it for? Thank you. ;o)



Midge October 8, 2010
I love using arborio or carnaroli for any kind of rice salad. I make this one a lot in the summer, out of Amanda's Cooking for Mr. Latte:
nutcakes October 8, 2010
Building on what Pierino said, here is a recipe for an arroz con pollo (and sausage) from Fine Cooking Magazine that calls for a medium grain rice. You likely want to add just a bit more of the liquids as I expect they will be absorbed more easily. I make this all the time, it is a great crowd pleaser, reheats well, and looks rustically beautiful piled onto a platter (be sure to add the tumeric for color,and I add frozen peas the last few minutes.) Plus you can have it on the table in about an hour.
BklynBred October 7, 2010
My vote is for arancini. I grew up eating these rice balls- they're such a great treat!
TheWimpyVegetarian October 6, 2010
I'm on the paella wagon. I've used it in paella very successfully in place of the bomba rice typically used.
pierino October 6, 2010
Personally I would go with a paella. You can substitute it for the short grain "bomba" rice of Spain. Remember that unlike risotto, a paella isn't stirred. After you add your stock you want to build up a little "burnt" crust on the bottom of the pan. It would also be good in an arroz con pollo.
amysarah October 6, 2010
Another vote for rice pudding - this may not be too helpful, as I can't recall where I found the recipe, but I once made one with arborio rice (am sure carnaroli would work just as well) that was flavored with vanilla and orange peel, then the top was brulee'd (exactly like you do a creme brulee.) Delicious.
cheese1227 October 6, 2010
I like to make sticky rice cakes as a base for an Asian fish dish.
luvcookbooks October 6, 2010
Makes a great rice pudding. I love all kinds of rice pudding. Indian rice pudding (although it only uses a tiny bit of rice), rice pudding with raisins, Greek rice pudding with lemon...
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