A question about a recipe: Herb and White Wine Granita

I have a question about step 3 on the recipe "Herb and White Wine Granita" from robynmichellelee. It says:
"freeze in container for at least three hours, stirring often as it solidifies."

How many times do you stir the granita during the three hours of freezing time? I assume it has to be pretty often so that it doesn't completely freeze?

Herb and White Wine Granita
Recipe question for: Herb and White Wine Granita


melissav June 9, 2011
Since it has alcohol, it doesn't get hard as a rock. I made it last year and stirred it every 30 or so minutes at first, then maybe every hour. We had some that night and then just kept in the freezer for a week or so. I just stirred and scraped before we scooped it out.
heatmatt June 8, 2011
Personally I would go in there every 30 min or so and run a fork through it to break up the big crystals. It also depends on how cold your freezer is.
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