poaching chicken breasts, bone out, skin on.

These, without the bone, were the only ones available at my gruesome local grocer. I want to poach for chicken salad. How long should I simmer? They are medium-large, skin-on.



Sam1148 June 9, 2011
When you do the above tech with a whole chicken, you have LOTS of chicken meat for salads, chicken pot pies, stir fries, etc..etc.

Remember to have about 2-3 inches of water for thermal mass over the bird..as you only boil briefly, then no heat and cover..and let sit 1 hour minimum. 1-1/2 to make it cool enough to handle with your hands to go at it shredding by hand.

Just store in tupperwear, ziplocks with some of poaching liquid in the freezer.

Of course, only a heathen would use the dark meat in a chicken salad. So you can make some dark meat containers for adding to soups, chicken pot pies, stir fries. Thai salads..etc..etc.
One chicken will give you a lot of meat this way...and if you use the bones again in the water with and veggies, you have stock.

Keep the skin on while poaching..it comes off pretty easily and keeps moisture in the bird and flavors the stock for the "Part II". I put the stock pot in the fridge and remove the fat disk after it cools. Then strain and freeze.

It's perfect way to get every bit of goodness out of bird.
Greenstuff June 9, 2011
I agree that 20 minutes should be enough, with or without the skin. I might even check at 15, if your medium-large is more medium than large. Just poke a knife in, and pull the slit open to see if they're done. You can skin them before or after, but keeping the skin in the pot will add a little flavor.
EmilyNunn June 9, 2011
Thanks! Both of you.
Sam1148 June 9, 2011
That's the method I do for poaching a whole chicken. Boil a min in large pot...CUT THE HEAT!!! walk away and let it sit an hour. Perfect every time.
People boil chicken to death. The method you describe make wonderfully moist chicken...and you can throw back bones and bits boil with veggies for a nice stock. After you go 'cave man' on it and remove all the moist meats. That's for a whole chicken.

For a skinless breast. I'd go with boil 1 min..turn off and 20 mins. As mentioned.
Just take a peek and give it a slice after 20 mins to see if all the pink is gone.

LucyS June 9, 2011
I have poached chicken breasts in the same way described above, but without the skin. Can you skin them before poaching? That would be my best method.
vvvanessa June 9, 2011
gruesome grocer? oh no! i use a method where i submerge the chicken in water, bring it to a boil, let it boil for a couple of minutes, then cut the heat and cover the pot and let it finish cooking that way. usually i do this with a whole chicken, and it can take 1-1/2 hours, so for chicken breast alone, i would guess 30-40 minutes. the chicken comes out so silky-tender. if i'm making chicken salad i usually throw some salt, peppercorns, and a bay leaf in with the water, too.
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