What are peppadew peppers and where to find-if not,substitute what kind of pepper.I am making this tues.



sexyLAMBCHOPx July 28, 2011
Peppadew is the brand. The peppers themselves are piquante peppers grown in South Africa and are pickled and usually jarred. I find them at my regular supermarkets. Very versitle and tasty sweet peppers. Fun to stuff with cheese, etc. Great alternatie for those who dont care for spicy; has a mild heat and tangy. The website offers case and jar orders online. You could marinate or quick pickle red bell peppers for a substitute.
SKK June 12, 2011
Also look in your olive bar at your grocery store or Whole Foods. They usually have them in bulk and are cheaper. They aren't hard to find. Peppadews are also great in salads.
drbabs June 12, 2011
They are sweet-hot-spicy peppers that are originally from South Africa. You may be able to find them jarred in a gourmet store or definitely on line. I think you could substitute the little hot cherry peppers that most grocery stores carry.
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