I bought some dill from my local farmers market for a potato recipe, but they only had it in big bunches so i ended up with alot left over. What are some creative recipes to try before it goes bad?

Kayla Live'loveLaugh Williams


Annada R. October 24, 2015
Try this Dill pesto.

Tastes delicious with a boiled potato & creamy havarti cheese panini.
Annada R. October 24, 2015
Try this Dill pesto.
Tastes delicious with a boiled potato & creamy havarti cheese panini.
amysarah October 24, 2015
My first reaction to a big bunch of dill is split pea soup, especially in cool weather. Also, as mentioned, gravlax (hold some back for the mustard sauce to go with it.) Chicken soup, salmon mousse, Avgolemono (Greek chicken, lemon, egg, rice soup,) cucumber salad....
ChefJune October 23, 2015
Herbs are great chopped or torn into salads. They add texture and interesting flavors.
You could make pickles...
Dessito October 23, 2015
I personally associate this more with summer, but realistically it is could year-round: look up recipes for tzatziki (cucumber-yogurt-dill salad). You can have it as a side dish, or make a dressing variation of it that you put on other vegetables.
Jona @. October 23, 2015
Dill can go into many things like salads and soups. I really like the pea and dill combo, they complement each other really well. When I has a lot of dill I used it for tabbouleh, adding basil and mint as well. Another great way to use it is to mix it with sour cream to make something similar to tzaziki or with Greek yogurt as a refreshing side. Now I'm gonna go buy some dill :)
Jona @. October 23, 2015
I meant parsley and mint for the tabbouleh, hehehe. But now that I think about it I'm gonna try adding some basil as well.
cookbookchick October 20, 2015
Make this deliciousness by Kukla on Food52: "Shalotta, Mom's Pickled Lettice Condiment"
Niknud October 20, 2015
gravlax would be my first thought if confronted with a pile of dill, as other stated. Then would come potato salad (sounds like you already got that). Failing that: buttermilk ranch dressing, tuna salad,
Susan W. October 20, 2015
I love this salad and dressing. I actually used basil instead of dill because I had a huge amount of it, but the recipe calls for dill.
Droplet October 20, 2015
It also freezes beautifully. Rinse it, let it dry out some, chop it and freeze in small containers or zip-lock baggies.
Patricia October 20, 2015
Make a big pot of leek and potato soup, packed with finely minced dill, and freeze it in meal-sized portions. You'll be glad you did once the snow flies!!
TobiT October 20, 2015
Many cured salmon (gravad lax/gravlax) recipes call for tons of dill. Super simple and delicious.
Kristen W. October 20, 2015
You can also add it to vinaigrettes for a nice herbal note (works particularly well in a Dijon vinaigrette, I think). I've also mixed it - along with other herbs - into a goat/feta cheese mixture and used it to stuff mini sweet peppers to good effect.
Nancy October 19, 2015
make a salad with lots of herbs - many ideas from chefs like Frank Stitt and writers like Regina Schrambling use herbs as a green, instead of as a garnish. Mix mild or baby lettuces with your dill and (to taste, as available) chervil, mint, chives, tarragon, parsley. Good basic vinaigrette. As is or with garnishes you like to make a more substantial and colorful dish - cheese, edamame, berries, oranges, beet or sweet potato, hard cooked egg etc.
Delicious and a change from regular green salads.

then there are old standby uses - chicken soup, salmon (en papillote or in pastry), dill pickles, Greek salads.
Nancy October 20, 2015
on 2nd thought, omit the dill pickles from this - we use seeds, not dill fronds in the jars
HalfPint October 19, 2015
There's a recipe for a dill and cottage cheese bread on the Smitten Kitchen blog which uses 3TB of fresh dill. But I guarantee that once you've made and inhaled one loaf, you will want to make another.
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